Class Schedule


Class Date Class Name Hours Class Site & Address
October 10, 2020 Airbrush Makeup with Lash Extensions 6 HAMPTON INN – 201 East Exchange Blvd. Columbia, SC 29209
September 26, 2020 Airbrush Makeup with Lash Extensions 6 Summit Pointe Conference Center 805 Spartan Blvd. Spartanburg, SC 29310

P. Price Education Requirements:

  •   Please arrive by 8:50 am to allow time for registration.  All classes start at 9:00a.m. and end at 3:30pm.
  • All fees are non-refundable.  If you aren’t able to attend your scheduled class, we will gladly reschedule you for a later date.
  • Two forms of identification will be needed upon entry of class.  One of which should be a state issued Identification and the other should be your state issued Professional License.
  • In order to receive full credit you must stay the full duration of 6 hours in the class.  If for any reason you must leave the class early, you will not receive credit.  All classes are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Early Dismissal is not permitted.

Tardy policy:

  • Any persons that are late have the option of staying for an additional fee of $10 and will be required to remain in class to make up the time missed.
  • Any persons more than 30 minutes late will not be permitted in class.
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